Your utility customers increasingly need data-driven management and control solutions to operate their distribution systems more effectively. But your customers also want to reduce their time and costs to integrate this advanced functionality. When you provide GridAPPS-D™ data integration in your products, you can better fulfill customer needs and open new markets.

Here’s why:

  • You increase customer satisfaction by offering products that address a key concern among utilities: reducing time and costs to deploy applications in their operations.
  • The unique app development and data integration capabilities with a GridAPPS-D™-compliant platform enable you to include advanced, value-added applications in your products.
  • Key industry standards supported in the GridAPPS-D™ platform, including the CIM and MultiSpeak®, help ensure future flexibility.

The basic GridAPPS-D™ platform is available now on GitHub for use by vendors and application innovators. You can help advance the platform’s adoption, thereby driving development of new, differentiated products to expand your value proposition and customer base.

Here’s how:

  • Share with us your business needs and technical requirements, as we refine GridAPPS-D™.
  • Be part of a field trial (selected utilities and vendors) to demonstrate the combined capabilities of your products and GridAPPS-D™.
  • Enable the GridAPPS-D™ standardization in your products and encourage your application developers to do the same. You can use the open-source software, available on GitHub, or your own.
  • Offer a GridAPPS-D™-compliant portfolio as one of your distribution management system offerings, to support utility customers that favor a best-of-breed approach to distribution applications.

Find it at GitHub and ReadtheDocs. See example apps that were developed using GridAPPS-D™. We want to hear about how you and your customers are considering applying GridAPPS-D™.