Home page - what GridAPPS-D is and does

GridAPPS-D™ is an open-source platform that accelerates development and deployment of portable applications for advanced distribution management and operations.
​​​​​The GridAPPS-D™ project is sponsored by the U.S. DOE’s Office of Electricity, Advanced Grid Research. Its purpose is to reduce the time and cost to integrate advanced functionality into distribution operations, to create a more reliable and resilient grid.

Read about what the GridAPPS-D team has accomplished to enable advanced distribution functionality in our new “GridAPPS-D at Three” whitepaper and what key objectives are ahead.

Grid-APPS-D™ enables standardization of data models, programming interfaces, and the data exchange interfaces for:

  • devices in the field
  • distributed apps in the systems
  • applications in the control room

Home page - Products that comply ...

Products that comply with the GridAPPS-D™ platform will:
  • reduce utility time and cost to integrate new functionality
  • give utilities more choice in technology providers 
  • scale up or down for any size utility
  • expand market opportunities for developers and vendors
The platform provides:
  • robust testing tools for applications 
  • distribution system simulation capabilities
  • standardized research capability
  • reference architecture for the industry
  • application development kit

Home page - Testimonials

Robin Podmore, President, Incremental Systems Corporation

“The industry has desperately needed something like GridAPPS-D™ to bring together the best minds – vendors, practitioners, and researchers – so that people aren’t working in silos. There isn’t another platform like it for distribution operations.”

Tony Thomas, Sr. Principal Engineer, NRECA Business & Technology Solutions

"Traditional implementation of utility automation systems has suffered from the high cost of custom integration. GridAPPS-D™ enables software developers to offer products that have been developed and tested on a platform that leverages established utility interoperability standards. I expect that GridAPPS-D™ will accelerate the adoption of useful software modules in the same way that cell phones have accelerated the development of apps that we all find indispensable.”


Home Page User group summary

Application Innovators

Develop and test apps for a full range of distribution operations use cases


Reduce time and cost to integrate new functionality

System Vendors

Extend your value to utility customers with portable apps


Use a standardized research platform