For Researchers

When you use the GridAPPS-D™ platform to develop and research advanced functionality for the grid, you gain a standardized environment for your research, reduce costs, and build your skills. That’s because the GridAPPS-D™ architecture standardizes the data exchange interfaces between devices, system applications, and control room applications, streamlining data exchange and interoperability.

What this means for you:

  • Costs are reduced because you don’t have to duplicate the GridAPPS-D™ capabilities; it is open-source.
  • The use of a common tool facilitates comparison of results from different research efforts.
  • Use of GridAPPS-D™ broadly within the research community increases the opportunity to make extensions and improvements.
  • The powerful capabilities of GridAPPS-D™ are valuable for future applications, thereby enhancing your professional skills and your institution’s reputation.



The GridAPPS-D™ platform was built to help transition distribution management architectures from a proprietary, vertically integrated approach to one that is open, layered, and standards-based. You are an essential part of building this ecosystem of established companies and innovative startups. We invite you to learn about the platform and use it to develop and test applications for the full range of distribution system operations.

Find it at GitHub and ReadtheDocs. See example apps that are GridAPPS-D™-compliant. We want to hear about how you are applying GridAPPS-D™. We welcome your recommendations for advanced features to incorporate into the platform. Our team of experienced grid software developers and advisory board from the utility industry, government, and universities is ready to listen to you and support you.

Learn more about GridAPPS-D™.