When you use the GridAPPS-D™ platform to develop and test your advanced grid applications, you broaden your reach and your opportunities for growth. That’s because the GridAPPS-D™ architecture standardizes the data exchange interfaces between devices, system applications, and control room applications, streamlining data exchange and interoperability. If you’re looking for a head start and competitive leg up for your innovative applications, GridAPPS-D™ gets you there faster.

With GridAPPS-D™-compliant vendor products:

  • Your applications can be portable and used by many different vendors and utilities.
  • Your apps can be deployed with minimal customization on any vendor’s advanced distribution management system or other compliant platform.
  • The reference implementation and architecture, available on GitHub, are maintained and tested, ensuring consistent quality and performance.
  • You have access to a rich environment for developing and researching advanced grid functionality, without the cost of duplicating data integration.
  • The open-source platform and ecosystem mean more opportunities for entrepreneurial developers and the research community, including startups and one-person shops.
  • You can test your apps on industry-standard test cases to instill customer confidence in the application.

The GridAPPS-D™ platform was built to help transition distribution management architectures from a proprietary, vertically integrated approach to one that is open, layered, and standards-based. You are an essential part of building this ecosystem of established companies and innovative startups. We invite you to learn about the platform and use it to develop and test applications for the full range of distribution system operations.

Find GridAPPS-D™ at GitHub and ReadtheDocs. See example apps that are GridAPPS-D™-compliant. We want to hear about how you are applying GridAPPS-D™. We welcome your recommendations for advanced features to incorporate into the platform. Our team of experienced grid software developers and advisory board from the utility industry, government, and universities is ready to listen to and support you.

Learn more about GridAPPS-D™.